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                Anda Nonferrous Metals

                ABOUT US

                Anda Nonferrous Metals

                Located in Yuduo town, Jiangyan city (which is referred to as the "home town of fish and rice"), Taizhou Anda Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. enjoys good location and developed traffic conditions for we are very close to national highway 328 and Ningjingyan Expressway.

                Anda is a senior manufacturing enterprise with over 40 years' experience for Tungsten and molybdenum products. Our products now are well sold in China, but also well sold in more than ten countries and regions such as EU, USA, Southeast Asia and Japan, etc. Especially, we are designated as the specialized manufacturer for export products of Tungsten and molybdenum.

                Working hard for the "absolute satisfactions of customers", we expand our market under the guideline of "quality first, credit first, customer first". Anda sincerely welcomes your visit and business!

                Specializing in the production of tungsten and molybdenum products

                The company pursues the goal of "customer satisfaction"

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